Start-Up & Small Business Consulting Services

Well Crafter

Management & HR.

We can help you set-up a system to run your business that is both cost & time effective for you. Many good business ideas fail due to poor management by their owners. Focus on building your business and we will help you run it to success.

High Precission

Accounting & Finance.

The number one reason people start businesses is to increase revenue. The number one reason most businesses fail is the lack of revenue. Research shows that nearly 85% of new businesses to not make it into their second year. Do not let you business become a statistic. Join us today for a story of success.

Technical Expert

Legal Set-Up & Taxation.

We all know now that most lawmakers do not read the law they vote on. Nonetheless, most business owners do not know the laws that regulates the business sector either. Our team of legal & financial experts can help take your business idea from conception to reality by providing legal and financial guidance to assure that your business is set-up and runs in a manner to best suits you.

"Guiding Businesses to Success" - is What We Do Best!!!

We work with you on the "business" side of your business. This includes helping your business have more effective operations, marketing and administration. While we take care of that you can focus on the core reason you started your business in the first place and the quality service that your business offers.

We will work with you as a member of your team. NULOU will tailor our services and support to your needs. We will not come with a template based approach, but one that will provide a call to action for your business. We make sure that the solutions are custom designed for your business' specific vision and goals.

Our team of CPA's and Accountants will walk with you every step of the way to assist you in building your business to its fullest potential through proven strategies and innovative out-of-the box solutions that will bring results to your company.

Web & IT Solutions

Well CrafterUnlike what some business owners think, technology can actually be the 2nd best investment that you will ever make in your business(Human Investment is more important). When implemented well today's internet and computer technologies can help you save time and money while increasing revenue and consumer satisfaction. Many business owners ignore web solutions to their own peril, don't be one of them!

Marketing & Sales

Well CrafterThe first question a business owner ask on Monday morning is, "How can I get more sales?" The last question a business owner ask on Friday evening is, "How could I've made more sales?" Our team of marketing and sales professionals can take a look at your current strategies and help implement new out-of-the-box methodologies that can get your business ahead of the competition and increase your income.

Business Loans & Investments

Well CrafterWe personally know that many great ideas die in a drawer because of the lack of cash or investment. Therefore, NULOU has put together a network of financial institutions and Investors to make sure that no more great business ventures turn into lost dreams. Our financial team will help you set-up your business, help you get business loans or line of credit, and even Angel Investors that believe in your dream and are willing to see to it that you turn them into reality!